Reeve & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1945 by John O Reeve.  The firm began by providing municipal engineering services for culinary water, sanitary sewer, and storm water systems throughout the Western United States. This depth of expertise in multiple disciplines would allow the company to later expand into more complex development projects.

At the age of seven, John P., his son, began working in the family business helping his dad with surveying tasks. By the age of 12, his summers were devoted to helping out in the family business by providing general office support, then evolving into design and drafting when he was in college. He began slowly shifting the company’s focus from municipal engineering to large-scale land and commercial development projects in the private arena.

In January of 2010, J. Nate, John P’s son, purchased the company and took over as President of Reeve & Associates. The company has continued to grow with projects throughout the U.S. that are managed from a dedicated and complex team of professionals. Nate has developed the firm into one of the leading planning, engineering, and surveying companies in Utah.

Since its inception, Reeve & Associates has earned an excellent reputation for developing innovative concepts, designing quality projects and responding quickly and cost effectively to all client needs. We know that each project is unique; because of this we take the time to heavily research each project, all city requirements and submittal processes, and adapt the design to each city’s standards in order to have projects run smoothly and efficiently.

We have worked for decades, and continue to build on the success of being honest, dependable, and sharing our valued experiences with our clients and the community. We build open and honest relationships through communication, view obstacles as opportunities and provide a high quality, cost effective product. With over 72 years of experience in providing Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Structural Engineering, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture and Land Survey, we provide solutions you can build on.