At Reeve & Associates, we know how important your time and resources are. In order to protect these valuable assets, we will work closely with you and your site acquisition consultants to determine project feasibility more fully evaluate your proposed development.

We will investigate every aspect of the project to show costs, benefits and risks, as well as environmental impacts, site infrastructure, compatibility and resource feasibility. We will work to ensure that your project is realistic and has the potential to succeed. Our multi-state licenses enable us to work with national, as well as local clients. Moreover, we can work with you and regulatory agencies and governments to see your project through the approval process.

Specifically, we can:

  •  Prepare a summary of planning, zoning, and permitting regulations
  •  Analyze utility infrastructure, soils, topography, and all other site-related issues
  •  Prepare ALTAs and boundary surveys
  •  Review traffic impact issues
  •  Perform building(s) inspections & evaluations
  •  Prepare conceptual & preliminary project cost estimates
  •  Coordinate environmental analyses
  •  Assist with public hearings / presentations
  •  Present development plans to regulatory agencies / city councils / county commissions
  •  Soils evaluation