As traffic is an ever growing concern for any city, it becomes necessary to change or update traffic flows.
With new developments and growth, safe and efficient movement of traffic on roadways is vital. Our
team of traffic engineers uses techniques to achieve safe and efficient traffic flows as well as ensuring
that proposed commercial or residential developments will not impact traffic flows in a negative way.

Reeve & Associates provides solutions to traffic management from performing traffic studies to the
design of traffic signals, intersections, roadways, accesses, right of way, sidewalks, utility location or
relocations and much more. We will ensure that your project is staying on schedule and within budget.

With Reeve & Associates, no traffic and transportation project is too big. It is our goal to provide
solutions for traffic flow and management. We work closely with regulatory agencies to facilitate state
DOT as well as city approvals.

From the initial assessment to the design and construction of your traffic project, we are your solution
to enhancing roadway safety and mobility.

Our services include:

  • Existing conditions and access points
  • Traffic movements & amp; signalization
  • Future demand forecast
  • Right-of-way determination and requirements
  • Roadway construction program(s) coordination
  • Impact of new developments on existing roadways
  • Roadway design
  • Sidewalks, pavement, parking, curb, gutter design
  • Bridges design
  • Utilities location / relocation
  • Prepare project budgets & schedules
  • Investigate traffic problems  
  • Recommend methods to improve traffic flow and safety
  • Estimates transportation projects costs
  • Analyze & ensure environmental impact and compliance 
  • Prepare technical or statistical reports on traffic-operation matters
  • Model transportation scenarios